2011 UNESCO Award for Science Reporting & Programming

This award is for a radio or television programme on science and technology. The programme should have high production value and aim to promote a better public understanding of science and technology as powerful tools for social development, disseminate scientific and technical information in an interesting and engaging manner that would attract the attention of a wide-ranging audience.


Honeybee Blues
Eniko Toth, Production Coordinator
SBS (Australia)

The judges said: “Honeybee Blues is the epitome of all that is good about Public Service Broadcasting, it entertained, informed and educated. The Bee’s story was a story in and of itself and also was used as a vehicle to explore wider environmental issues.”


The Glacier Saga
Pallava Bagla, Consultant-Science New Resources Person
NDTV (India)

Sabuja Mana, Sabuja Sapana (Green Mind, Green Action)
Padmalochan Das, Programme Executive
Doordarshan (India)

This award is sponsored by UNESCO