Filmmakers from across the Pacific begin training

A group of talented and ambitious filmmakers from eight Pacific nations were selected to take part in the Pan-Pacific Digital Media Project.

This week they made their way to Papeete, Tahiti, where their training course will run until 15 February 2013. The 15 participants are being given training in documentary filmmaking, taking part in technical workshops and expanding their knowledge of social media outreach for citizen engagement.

One of the participants, Myron Williams, of Fiji, said: “I’m looking forward to an intense but productive two weeks.” Williams, added: “It will certainly be of great use to me as a television broadcast journalist to sharpen my skills and learn from world-class trainers.”

A blog, Facebook page and Twitter account have been set up, where you can follow their progress.

See our training page to read more about the individual filmmakers and the course.

Participants, trainers and facilitators on day one

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