What’s your world view?

In a globalised world the CBA regards international coverage as a pillar of public broadcasting. We created the WorldView project to seed-fund international documentaries that provide real context to the news. Its sister project, Your WorldView is a platform for sharing and funding short films on global themes. Both projects give our members access to high-quality content, find out how…Visit the WorldView and Your WorldView searchable websites to see tasters for hundreds of feature-length and short films that tell strong and engaging stories in innovative ways. Members can then get in touch with us and we will organise contact to negotiate rights. For the first time, we are also able to offer a set of three new short films about Syrian child refugees on a rights-free basis to CBA members. Find out more about Kids in Camps

Since 2001, WorldView has been helping to increase and deepen global understanding via broadcast media. By providing development funding, support and mentoring to filmmakers, it has kickstarted more than 420 feature documentaries. Films that tell global stories and provide essential human context to the news. Two films, 5 Broken Cameras and Enemies of the People were nominated for Oscars, and many more have won major international awards. 

Your WorldView was then launched to build on the global reputation of WorldView, and it is where new and emerging filmmakers everywhere can showcase their talent to CBA’s broadcaster network. This unique online platform enables filmmakers to submit and share their short films. It provides a first step on the ladder, where they can demonstrate their talent, but keep their rights, while broadcasters can review films and pick stories that will appeal to their audiences. This is especially important for storytellers in the global south, as it provides equitable access to an industry dominated and funded by the north.

Image from the WorldView-supported film Unearthed

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