Radio days are here to stay

The first tentative radio broadcasts were made in the early part of the 1900s. Since then we’ve seen how much media technology has evolved and changed – and changed again – TV, video, the internet, MP3s, on-demand, social media…

But on World Radio Day it is worth remembering that despite all the media innovations, it’s radio that reaches most of the two billion citizens of the Commonwealth on a daily basis.

If radio were a new invention just think what a buzz it would create. It’s hands-free – you can listen to drama, music, news, comedy and niche programmes while you’re doing other things. It doesn’t usually require cabling or software, and if it’s wind-up radio it doesn’t even need power!

The main focus of our work at the CBA is supporting public broadcasters through digital transition – therefore radio is still at the heart of much of our work. In times of disaster and crisis, when other systems are down, radio keeps going – bringing vital information, news and views.

New media is about participation, so surely that’s the real magic of radio? It allows us all to participate and use our imaginations to paint the pictures. So whatever else you do on 13 February, take time to tune in to a medium with real staying power and reach – enjoy some radio.

Sally-Ann Wilson, Secretary-General of the CBA


Image: Creative Commons/Internews Network

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