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In an interview to mark the end of his latest tour of duty in Afghanistan, Prince Harry talks about his responsibilities to his platoon and that he receives no special treatment.

“There are decisions that we have to make, snap decisions, that doesn’t always have to be granted the green light… so you don’t get a free pass, no matter who you are,” he said.

Pointing to an Apache helicopter while talking about his responsibilities, he added: “If the army didn’t think they could get me out here then they wouldn’t have put me out here, because it costs a hell of a lot as you can imagine to train people up, and my seat would have been taken by someone else.”

Prince Harry, or Captain Wales in the army, described how he felt about switching between his different roles; military, royal and social. Of the latter, he remarked that he had “let down” his family over the nude pictures secretly taken while he was partying in Las Vegas last year. “It was probably a classic example of me, you know, probably being too much army and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that,” he said.

Harry said he was “thrilled” for his brother William and the Duchess Cambridge and their impending parenthood, “it’s about time. I can’t wait to be an uncle.”


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