CBA: Live in Accra

Following the success of CBA Live in Nairobi and Jamaica CBA – Worldview will be running a 5-day event in Accra, targeting content creators, those that support and develop the creation of content and those who market, exhibit and distribute the products.

CBA:- Worldview Live in Accra will explore and create fresh approaches to the creation of faction and fiction in the digital age on the theme of ‘The Gender Agenda’ for national and international markets. The event will be run in partnership with Commonwealth Foundation, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, the CBA’s lead member in Ghana and the British Council Ghana.

It will consist of creative (writing) workshops, film screening and listening events, master-classes and seminars, and an audience based discussion designed for broadcast produced by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. The outcome is to contribute to broadcast programming and print that raises awareness about development issues in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

Participants will come from the creative industries and be drawn from television and radio, film and print in particular. They will include writers, creative directors, journalists, editors, audience researchers, media students, NGOs, media managers and strategists. The event will be attended by commissioners, programme makers and writers from CBA members in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the BBC and The Guardian UK.

Programme and Details to follow.

If you are interested in attending this event please mail

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