The CBA is always interested to know the training needs of your organisation. Also, if you have previously trained with us we are keen for your feedback. We would like to know if and how the training has benefited your station. And how can we further improve our training.

Email Jasmine Dhariwal with your training feedback or requirements.

In 2013 the CBA offered four travel bursaries of up to £1,500 to employees of member organisations to travel to another Commonwealth country for one to two weeks. The bursaries were provided for a project or research that that would benefit the bursar’s organisation and society and meet the objectives of the CBA to develop the skills and knowledge of employees of CBA member organisations who have had limited opportunity for travel, encourage networking between Commonwealth organisations and promote the CBA and the Commonwealth as organisations dedicated to development through learning.

Below is what a couple of our recent bursars said about their experiences:

“The bursary offered me a rare opportunity to travel to Abuja, Nigeria to learn hands-on about the kind of systems and technologies ideal for digital terrestrial broadcast operations. Additionally we shared deep insights into crucial technical and engineering knowledge, especially what ii takes to run tapeless transmission, ie how reporters, producers, editors, multimedia designers get their stories done, and uploaded onto remote servers from their desktops.”

John Kwame Kuadzi, Assistant Head of Design, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

“It was important to note that I have been able to acquire from this bursary intellectual ideas that have been very useful to me as a journalist. My organisation also benefited from this trip. I was able to gather materials that will enrich programmes in my station. These programmes include: Question de Santé, Mosaïque and Héros du Continent etc.

“This trip was very enlightening. It gave me an opportunity to express journalism in a country different from mine. It exposed me to different journalism styles… I was able to identify similarities as well as differences in the operations of my organisation, Voice of Nigeria and my host organisation, Cameroon Radio Television.”

Mary Bariki, Producer/Presenter, Voice of Nigeria (French Section)

The CBA is grateful to the Commonwealth Foundation and the Elizabeth R Fund for funding these bursaries.