Pacific nations in unique media project

A documentary and digital media course for up and coming content producers from eight Pacific nations has launched.

The initiative, the first of its kind in a region with sparse broadcast training facilities, aims to set up the next generation of producers with up-to-date filmmaking and social media skills.

The project was developed following the recognition that there are few opportunities for Pacific islanders to develop their interest and capacity in documentary and digital filmmaking work within the Pacific. By providing an intensive course for such a large number of participants it is hoped that the filmmakers will work together as an active peer group across the Pacific. The aim is that these individuals will be able to provide continuing support and encouragement to each other in the future.

The CBA is working with several organisations to deliver the project, including the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (Pacmas). The scheme’s programme manager, Francis Herman said: “This initiative represents an extremely strong partnership by individuals and organisations passionately committed to developing the skills of Pacific documentary makers so Pacific islanders can begin to tell their own stories.

“It is hoped that this and similar initiatives will correct the current imbalance where there are too few Pacific islanders with the knowledge and skills to create high-quality documentaries,”  he added.

The training will be held in Tahiti in mid-February 2013. It will be free of charge for the 14 participants and includes air transfer and accommodation.

The CBA is now seeking applications from ambitious Pacific islanders with digital production or filmmaking experience to attend the course. Residents of Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea are eligible to apply.

February will also see the opening of the 10th Pacific International Documentary Festival (Fifo) in Tahiti, and the project has been timed to enable the workshop participants to benefit from the opportunities the festival provides for networking and masterclasses with experienced international documentary filmmakers.

The Pan-Pacific digital media project is a first-time collaboration between the CBA, the Australian Film Televsion and Radio School, Fifo, and Pacmas, with support from Macquarie University, Australia.

Applications close on 10 January 2013

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Image top right: Creative Commons/Pierre Lesage


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