DBSF Caribbean; a great success

The 2012 DBSF Forum in the Caribbean ran from 13th-14th August in Antigua.

More That Unites, Than Divides

Public Service Broadcasters will have left the Brisbane CBA conference with the feeling that there’s more that unites them than divides them. Everyone involved in the sector realises that times are tough financially but all are focused on what matters […]

Snappers and Tweeters

We’ve been trending in Brisbane. If you tweet you already know what I mean. If not, it means that the CBA was one of the most popular twitter topics for the three days of the conference, and we’ve achieved this […]

A Day of Contrasts

Public service broadcasters of every size and shape are here in Brisbane: rich, poor, large, small and everything in between. One plan to deal with emergencies might work for one PSB, but not for others yet all of them agree […]